Who we are

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Insolvency Experts” heading_tag=”h4″ sub_heading_color=”#3c434d” spacer=”icon_only” icon=”Defaults-th-list” icon_size=”32″ icon_color=”#84754e” main_heading_margin=”margin-bottom:17px;” sub_heading_margin=”margin-bottom:110px;” spacer_margin=”margin-top:80px;margin-bottom:84px;” main_heading_font_family=”font_family:|font_call:” sub_heading_font_family=”font_family:|font_call:” sub_heading_style=”font-weight:300;”]Insolvency is our every day. We’re been there, done that and seen it all, acting on behalf on individual directors on the brink of insolvency, creditors waining as a result of crippling unpaid debts and companies facing the decision of whether or not to put up a fight or go down gracefully. When you’re life is touched by insolvency, RCR Insolvency have your legal solution.[/ultimate_heading]


[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Your Language” heading_tag=”h4″ spacer=”icon_only” icon=”Defaults-home” icon_size=”32″ icon_color=”#84754e” main_heading_margin=”margin-bottom:17px;” sub_heading_margin=”margin-bottom:110px;” spacer_margin=”margin-top:80px;margin-bottom:84px;”]We’re your legal partner in business and in life, armed with advice that is designed for you and delivered in a manner you understand. We’re proud to be the legal team of choice for so many thanks to forward-thinking, agility, compassion and our ability to deliver commercially-minded solutions. Whether you are an individual or business, we deliver the best commercial outcomes for your circumstance so you can get on with living.[/ultimate_heading]


[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Real People” heading_tag=”h4″ spacer=”icon_only” icon=”Defaults-download” icon_size=”32″ icon_color=”#84754e” main_heading_margin=”margin-bottom:17px;” sub_heading_margin=”margin-bottom:110px;” spacer_margin=”margin-top:80px;margin-bottom:84px;”]People want to work with people. Fact. We understood early on that our clients want a person before a lawyer and designed our team with this in mind. Trustworthiness, reliability and compassion come along with our legal advice by default.[/ultimate_heading]


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