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RCR Lawyers’ can assist you in all areas of commercial litigation. 

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05:35 23 Nov 22
Team at Roston Carlyle Rojas Lawyers specially Varun Gupta, Brendon McKenzie and Maisie Taylor are great professionals with competent and outstanding skills. From the first meeting with Varun Gupta, we got assured that we are with right people and they proved it. No doubt they are most recommendable team of professionals. Throughout the process they kept us updated and were available all the time for any questions or concerns. We will again contact them and recommend to my friends and network.
Janet DaveyJanet Davey
07:04 05 Aug 22
Zoe Kansky is very professional and great to work with, she explains everything clearly from start to finish. She is also very friendly, l would definitely choose this firm again. I Highly recommend Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers
Tina MckayTina Mckay
11:27 01 Aug 22
Mysa was completely competent from start to finish, she seamlessly guided us through the legal process and was very informative, no question was too small. The RCR Lawyers team was there with us from the beginning to the end and helped us achieve closure with a positive result and for that we are extremely grateful.
Sweden PerezSweden Perez
15:39 10 Dec 21
Upon meeting with Varun, I never doubted that he’s certainly a brilliant solicitor and true enough, with all the things he did for us, he really surpassed our high expectations. He is very responsive in everything and even to a small detail. He is very professional that he would give an honest advice and direct answers to all our questions and enqueries. He never left us especially in a critical situations (yes, there were a lot of circumstances but Varun fixed them for us) but actually, he stayed with us up to the last minute of the day or until to settle everything that we need to do. Thank you Varun for helping us to buy our first home!!!
Luke PatrickLuke Patrick
07:36 14 Jul 21
My partner and I went through these guys for a complicated partner visa case after being referred from a lawyer friend. After being told by other lawyers that it was either easy or impossible, these guys told it like it was, realistic (they also had the same fees as the others). Peter and Shanalee were with us the whole way to provide guidance and 2.5 years later we are happy to receive the news that the partner visa has been granted.Thank you for all of your hard work guys.All the best.

What Are The Costs Invovled

The typical answer most lawyers will give you about a commercial dispute when asked about costs, is how long is a piece of string.

RCR Lawyers believe in providing up front cost estimates for each stage of a proceeding.

Many people don’t realise that we also offer speculative agreements on some commercial disputes which means even if you don’t have the money to pay for a lawyer right now, if your matter is successful you can pay RCR Lawyers at the conclusion of the matter.

Statistically, people do not go to Court or even in circumstances where they do, they never proceed to trial for the one main contributing factor; they cannot afford the legal costs of litigation.

Steps for commercial litigation

Determine the appropriate court or tribunal with jurisdiction to hear your matter.

In Queensland, the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) handles consumer and trade disputes over contracts for the supply of goods and services is less than $25,000.

Your jurisdictional court will differ depending on the amount of the dispute or the remedy you are seeking. If the amounts involved are higher, the dispute will go through the Magistrates Court, District Court or Supreme Court.

The Magistrates Court of Queensland can hear matters up to $150,000

The District Court of Queensland can hear matters between $150,000 – $750,000

The Supreme Court of Queensland hears all matters above $750,000

Why Choose RCR Lawyers To Resolve Commercial Disputes?

Our blend of extensive knowledge, customer-focused approach, and strategic orientation makes us stand out in handling commercial disputes.

We comprehend the difficulties high net-worth individuals and SMEs can encounter as disputes arise.

We’ve designed our services to meet these specific needs.

We want to help you resolve the current conflict and make your business relationships stronger and less risky in the future.

Navigating a commercial dispute resolution can be both time-consuming and emotionally draining.

At RCR Lawyers, we handle the legal work for you.

Our goal is to allow you to focus on running your business successfully.

We understand the importance of profit-making, so we work hard to ensure you can achieve this.

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