Leading Building and Construction Lawyers

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Simplifying complex building and construction projects

We understand that construction projects are a web of complications, comprising of countless complex relationships and just as many tight deadlines and binding agreements. By calling upon expert solicitors you can make sure you’re informed about relevant legislation ahead of time to avoid getting caught up in expensive and time-consuming litigation proceedings. Rostron Carlyle Rojas’ Lawyers are here to assist subbies and construction businesses alike, with navigating the legal red tape that has a habit of cropping up when you least expect it. Whether we’re suited-up in court or booted-up on-site, our building lawyers do what it takes to deliver the best commercial outcomes for our clients, whether it’s contractual disputes, defective claims, or securing payments.

Our Construction Lawyers Experiences

  • Acted for an industry regulator in the insurance recovery matters related to defective and incomplete building work
  • Acted for first-tier commercial and civil contractors in complex adjudication applications and subcontractors’ charges recoveries against commercial and government principals
  • Acted for residential high-rise developers with respect to large scale project management matters
  • Advised with respect to tendering, risk management, execution and negotiation of commercial construction contracts

“The professionalism and prompt responses were excellent”

``As custom home builders, Irfan & the RCR team have done an excellent job delivering documents tailored to our processes. Taking the time to listen, understand, strategise and execute solutions exceeded our expectations with the team taking the time to explain the reasons behind certain decisions and ensuring we understood what was being created. Beyond that the professionalism and prompt responses were excellent too!``<br />


CEO, RJM Builders
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Who we act for in construction and building legal matters

We support subcontractors and construction companies to negotiate contracts, manage regulatory red tape, and avoid project hold-ups. Our recent matters include acting for:

  • an industry regulator in insurance recovery matters related to defective building work
  • first-tier commercial and civil contractors in complex adjudication applications
  • subcontractors in charge recoveries against commercial and government principals
  • residential high-rise developers with respect to large scale project management matters
  • builders seeking advice on tendering, risk management, and commercial construction contracts.

How we help

  • Support from negotiation to contract and courtroom
  • Tendering, due diligence and risk management
  • Industrial relations and enterprise bargaining
  • Contract drafting, negotiation, and variations
  • Latent conditions, delay damages, liquidated damages
  • Security of performance, compliance and workmanship
  • Subcontractor agreements and costs
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Clear Fees

Fixed-fees that maximise cost recovery without upfront costs

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Global Support

Legal expertise across borders and jurisdictions

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We give you the information you need in a way you understand

Meet Our Leading Construction & Infrastructure Practitioners

Debt Collection & Corporate Recovery

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Debts paid faster to keep business cash flowing

Unpaid debt can mean big things for business cash flow, can weaken the foundations of even the most stable business, and tear down longstanding relationships you’ve worked so hard to forge. Regardless of whether an unpaid debt is within or outside of a debtor’s control, it can have devastating outcomes for a creditor if it is not addressed swiftly. When the going gets tough it’s often everyone for themselves, meaning anything from legal notices and action, company wind-ups, and the requirement of swift defense on behalf of the debtor. Whether you’re a creditor in financial distress or a debtor being pursued outstanding debt, you’ll need quick, efficient, and strategic legal support.

“Communication from RCR is always prompt with fantastic results”

“I have recently taken over as a Litigation Coordinator and I have found the team at RCR an absolute pleasure to deal with. The communication from RCR is always prompt with fantastic results. As a business we highly recommend RCR and love the relationship we have built.”


Litigation Co-Ordinator, GPC Asia Pacific
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RCR’s proven debt recovery approach

Is your business flailing in the face of unpaid debt? Are your efforts to recover what is owed to you falling on deaf ears?

Our proven debt recovery and collection service is based on working fast, maintaining business relationships, and negotiating on everything from payment plans to enforcement.

Whether you’re a creditor or a debtor in financial distress, strategic debt recovery support can stem the flow on effect of your debtors creating a cycle of cash flow problems.

How we help

    • Pre-legal advice 
    • Bankruptcy
    • Send and respond to letters of demand 
    • Start dispute resolution or legal proceedings
    • Court appearances and written legal submissions 
    • Enforcement of judgments made in your favour
    • Fair charges and caveats
    • Outcome-focused settlement negotiations
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Clear Fees

Fixed-fees that maximise cost recovery without upfront costs

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Global Support

Legal expertise across borders and jurisdictions

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We give you the information you need in a way you understand

Meet Our Leading Construction & Infrastructure Practitioners

Commercial Property Lawyers

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Buy, invest, rent, develop commercial property – the right way.

If you are a commercial property first-timer, it won’t be long before the complexities and nuances of the sector have your questions and concerns about the road ahead mounting up. While many complexities are demystified over time for the industry veteran, it is difficult to keep on top of your rights and obligations and the risks of getting tripped up are just as real. Our commercial property lawyers assist owners, investors, developers, landlords, commercial tenants and more with navigating what is a complex landscape and ensuring you’re covered.

Real people. Real problems. Real commercial property lawyers.

Embarking on a development project? Looking to buy or lease your dream commercial space? Or are you the landlord or tenant of a commercial property entering a binding agreement? Secure creative, practical legal solutions that have established our firm as one of the best.

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Your Commercial Property Lawyers

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    Compensation Claims

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    We will handle your compensation claims while you focus on recovering

    Accidents are exactly that; they’re unplanned, often unavoidable and can have catastrophic outcomes for your work and family life, and general well-being. When an accident or illness strikes, there is a chance you are entitled to TPD compensation. In times like these you’ll need a trusted legal professional who can work on your behalf to execute a claim, while you focus on recovering. Injury can occur in public spaces, work places, whilst commuting or dropping the children at school. What they all have in common is they can turn everyday routine into a daily struggle or in some cases near impossible. Rostron Carlyle Rojas’ compensation lawyers have the expertise you require, so contact us today for a free assessment to see if you’re entitled to TPD compensation.

    Real people. Real problems. Real compensation lawyers.

    Did you hurt yourself at work? Has medical negligence left you worse for wear? Were you injured in commuter traffic? We have expert compensation lawyers to assist you.

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    What we do

    Your compensation lawyers

      Convenient Conveyancing

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      Buy or sell, without headaches

      Buying or selling a property can be as stressful as it is exciting. Before you can even think about moving in or out of property and moving forward with the next phase of life there are contracts to review, real estate and bank payments to be made and funds to transfer. When choosing a solicitor to assist you, be sure to partner with someone who is efficient, communicative, affordable and thorough. Rostron Carlyle Rojas’ conveyancing lawyers deliver all this and more.

      Real people. Real problems. Real conveyancing lawyers.

      Buying or selling a property? Are you tackling subdivision? Need a legal eye over a contract? We give the confidence you need to buy or sell, without the hassle.

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      What we do

      • Residential Sales and Purchases
      • Investment Properties
      • Strata Title
      • Off-the-plan Purchases & Sales
      • Large Scale Developments
      • Option Agreements

      Your conveyancing lawyers

        Family Lawyers Australia

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        In tune with the needs of our clients

        At the outset of a relationship, when we set out on a journey alongside a partner, the last thing we think about is how it might fall apart. We’re too busy thinking about our happy ending to consider the possibility of a relationship breakdown, the division of assets and property and moreover the need to make arrangements around the future of our children. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out as planned and you can be faced with the unexpected. When you do, you’ll need a diligent family lawyer acting in your best interests, with the emotional intelligence to understand your circumstance. Our team of Family Lawyers team have handled everything from divorce to cases of domestic violence and are in tune with the needs of their clients.

        Real people. Real problems. Real family lawyers.

        Toying with the idea of surrogacy or adoption? Are you getting married and interested in the security of a prenup? Or are you considering a divorce– perhaps the house divided and you want out? Whatever your situation, we’ve got a trustworthy shoulder to lean on when you need it most.

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        What we do

        • Property settlements
        • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial Financial Agreements
        • Children’s Issues
        • Wills
        • Enduring Power of Attorneys
        • Spousal Maintenance
        • Adoption and Surrogacy
        • Mediation and arbitration
        • Succession planning
        • Divorce
        • Domestic Violence

        Your family lawyers

          Migration and Citizenship

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          Build a future in Australia

          Millions of visitors flock to Australia each year, to experience the sun, sea and sand, mountainous terrains, metropolitan hubs and vast deserts that adorn our landscape. For some, like you, a holiday isn’t enough and they see an exciting future for themselves and their families in Australia. Migrating to Australia is complex, with strict regulations around visas and even more legal hoops to jump through on the path to securing residency or citizenship. Seeking the support of an experienced migration lawyer can increase your chances of successfully migrating yourself and any family to Australia. We also assist with compliance topics like visa cancellations and removals.

          Real people. Real problems. Real Migration solutions.

          Are you exploring your options for studying, working or migrating to Australia? Do you need support from the outset to increase your chances of successfully migrating? Or are you or family members experiencing difficulties with the refusal or cancellation of a visa? An experienced migration lawyer can assist you with bridging the gap between your current life and a future life in Australia.

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          What we do

          • Assessing migration options to provide you with the best approach for your circumstance
          • Lodging all types of visa applications on behalf of individuals and families
          • Assisting with the appeal of individual and family visa refusals
          • Supporting individuals and families in the event of visa cancellations
          • Processing individual and family applications for citizenship

          Your Migration and Citizenship Practitioners

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            Expert Criminal Lawyers

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            We are experts in criminal law

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            Life can be extremely unpredictable; sometimes life takes you down the wrong track or presents you with unexpected situations that cause you to make rash decisions. It’s not difficult to wind up in trouble with the law. Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers are preferred suppliers of Legal Aid for Criminal Law. When you come face to face with the justice system, don’t wait around and hope for the best. Seeking advice early on in an arrest or a police investigation can ensure you minimise the damage that arises from your circumstance. Our criminal lawyers are diligent, innovative and the bulldogs you need in the courtroom fighting in your corner.

            Real people. Real problems. Real criminal lawyers.

            Did you get caught drink driving? In hot water for possession? Are you getting pinned for a crime you didn’t commit? We’ve got experience from misdemeanours to indictable offences, our focus being on limiting the time you spend in the criminal justice system.

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            What we do

            • Traffic matters
            • Drink driving offences
            • Security legislation, policy and licence matters
            • Drug, homicide, assault & sexual offences
            • Piracy & tax offences
            • Nuisance & stealing offences
            • Restricted driver’s licences

            Your Criminal Lawyers

            Latest Criminal Posts

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              Wills & Estates

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              Protecting you, in life and after

              Thinking about the end of a life, whether it be your own or that of a loved one, is not a pleasant thought. Naturally we would all rather be planning a life experience, booking the next family holiday and focusing on all those things that enrich our lives, rather than talking about drafting a will, selecting an enduring power of attorney and estate planning. Take it from us, having a clear, carefully considered plan in place for after a life ends can save distress, trauma and complicated legal headaches for those left to administer an estate. Our lawyers make drafting a last will and testament as pain free as possible.

              Is it too late? Have you already been left behind with an estate to share out, meanwhile dealing with the grief of the loss of a loved one? Our team of lawyers can handle the process on your behalf to ensure the estate is administered according to the wishes of the deceased and manage any disputes that arise. Our focus is to resolve your matter swiftly, leaving you to focus on looking after yourself.

              Real people. Real problems. Real wills and estate solutions.

              Want to ensure your assets are left to your intended beneficiaries? Need to appoint an enduring power of attorney to protect your interests? Or have you lost a loved one and are facing the administration of an estate?  Regardless of your circumstance, our lawyers can assist you across all succession law matters.

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              What we do

              • Wills (for individuals and couples)
              • Buy-sell deeds
              • Asset protection
              • Enduring powers of attorney
              • Tax and financial planning
              • Business succession planning
              • Testamentary discretionary trusts
              • Estate administration
              • Letters of administration
              • Probate
              • Binding death benefit nominations
              • Advance health directives

              Your Wills & Estate Practitioners

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                Business Migration Lawyer

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                Bring your business to Australia

                Millions of people across the globe visit our land of opportunity each year and some, like you, see a bright future for themselves and their business in Australia. Unfortunately, migrating to Australia is not a simple undertaking with additional layers of complexity when you plan to bring a family and a business along with you. The right legal expertise can ensure you find the right migration pathway and moreover are able to navigate the road ahead, often riddled with government red tape preventing ease of access. Our lawyers have refined a business focused migration program and can assist you with investing, bringing your business over, and establishing a future in Australia.

                Real people. Real problems. Real Business Migration solutions.

                Are you interested in starting a business or investing in Australia? Do you need support in bringing your current business to Australia? Our experienced migration lawyers can assist you with navigating the complex business and investor visa program. This is a niche program that we work in, helping business people from all over the world establish successful business and happy new lives in Australia.

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                What we do

                • Lodging all types of visa applications
                • Appealing visa refusals and nomination refusals
                • Assisting with employee or business owner visa cancellations
                • Processing citizenship applications

                Your Business Migration Practitioners

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