5 months jail for possessing $228,815 cash at the airport

In October 2018, our client and his co-accused were found to be in possession of $228,815 cash in their luggage at the Brisbane Domestic Airport.

Our client and his co-accused arrived at the Brisbane Domestic Airport from Melbourne. CCTV had depicted our client and the co-accused arriving in Brisbane and hiring a car. They left the airport and returned later that day.
Staff at the airport became suspicious of our client as he had repeatedly purchased tickets for flights in cash on a weekly basis over a number of months. They notified police who detained our client for questioning.

Police then searched our client’s carry on luggage revealing a Victorian Licence, other bank cards and the hire car receipt in his name and boarding passes and baggage receipts in other names. The joint baggage of our client and the co-accused contained a total of $228,815 in Australian currency.

As a result, our client was charged that by joint agreement, he dealt with money or property reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime over $100,000.00 contrary to sections 11.2A and 400.9(1) of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth).

The co-accused was sentenced and received a head sentence of 12 months imprisonment and was required to serve 8.5 months actual imprisonment.

Our client’s charges proceeded to sentence before the Brisbane District Court. Alan Phillips of our office appeared instructing Robert Gordon of Counsel. The Presiding Judge sentenced our client to a head sentence of 12 months imprisonment to serve 5 months actual imprisonment.

Our client was very grateful for the result particularly as he was required to serve less time than his co-accused.

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