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Get to market faster with IP support

If you’re an independent or commercial entity with trade secrets that you want to stay that way, get expert legal advice on protecting your intellectual assets and turning ideas into marketable commodities.

Whether you need advice on registering your IP, structuring your business, or enforcing your rights, our experienced IP lawyers can help you protect your work and your business.

Intellectual property (IP) is a key asset of any business — and it’s worth protecting. If your business is first to market with new technology, or wants to be, securing your ideas under IP law might be what gives you an edge. We stay up to date with IP legislation and case law so you can be sure you’re getting the best advice.


IP legal support to turn ideas into innovation

IP is about more than ideas. Our legal support includes advice on terms and conditions, privacy policies, and online settings to minimise commercial risk.

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Who we act for in intellectual property matters

Our IP lawyers help businesses understand their rights as well as the registration, management and enforcement of their IP. Recently, we’ve acted for:

  • Panel lawyers for an international Franchise Cooperation with over 400 stores globally
  • franchises in the registration, protection and management of their trade marks
  • a YouTube influencer regarding copyright and the unauthorised use of their content by a large multimedia company
  • a furniture builder registering table and chair designs
  • a clothing designer defending her trade mark application against a competitor objection
  • a large health food and cosmetic company applying for a series trade mark
  • small and medium sized businesses seeking to enforce their copyright or trademarks rights against third parties
  • a large business seeking to remove a trademark for non-use
  • start-ups and entrepreneurs setting up structures and contracts to protect their intellectual property
  • building designers regarding copyright issues and house plans.


How we help

  • Resolving IP disputes
  • Influencer agreements
  • Trade marks (Australian and international registration), copyright and patent law
  • Advice on copyright, moral rights, patents, trade secrets, designs and other rights
  • Disclosure, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Non-compete agreements and covenants
  • IP assignment and licence agreements
  • IP ownership structures 
  • IP agreements and registration
  • IP sales
  • IP rights – breaches and enforcement 
  • Design registration and certification (Australian and international)
  • Software development, licensing and distribution agreements
  • Website terms and conditions and privacy policies

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Get an edge from idea to innovation with IP legal support.

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