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The defamation advice you get could save your reputation

Our RCR defamation team can assist you in every step of the defamation claim process. Get advice from experienced defamation lawyers before you take your first step in prosecuting or defending a defamation claim. Seek expert legal advice as soon as you think you need help with a defamation claim: acting fast will give you better prospects for protecting your reputation.

If you have been defamed, you could be at risk of serious reputational harm. That harm can have severe consequences on your standing within society and ability to maintain a prosperous livelihood. Our defamation team has seen it all – we know the ins and outs of defamation laws across Australia. Our experience and knowledge in the area drive our practical and economical approach to assisting clients.


Who we act for

We support:

  • Individual persons
  • Private publishers
  • Company directors and officers
  • Committee members
  • Media users
  • Members of private and community organisations


How we help

  • Advice for persons who believe that they have been defamed
  • Advice for persons who are alleged to have published defamatory material
  • Preparation and sending letters of demand
  • Preparation and sending cease and desist letters
  • Preparation and service of Concerns Notices
  • Preparation and consideration of offers to make amends
  • Preparation and advice on apologies and retractions
  • Advocacy in court proceedings for plaintiffs who prosecute defamation proceedings
  • Advocacy in court proceedings for defendants who are sued for defamation
  • Advice on alternative claims such as injurious falsehood and for misleading and deceptive conduct (in breach of the Australian Consumer Law)
  • Pre-publication advice to publishers of books, articles, reviews and other documents


Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers prides itself in undertaking most of the advocacy in a defamation case, as well as preparing all necessary documents, thereby limiting Barristers’ fees. When the need arises, the firm works closely with some of the most prominent Barristers specialising in defamation law in Australia. The firm is conscious of the costs and demands of litigation and will always explore prospects of a settlement.

Concerned about reputational harm?

Support from expert defamation lawyers

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Defamation Lawyers

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We communicate clearly to get the information you need in a way you understand

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