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One of the most regulated industries in Australia, with the highest number of disputes and insolvency events. It’s an industry with competing interests, different trades, and professions all working together under one specific project each with a common goal; to complete on time, within budget, and in accordance with the scope of work. Construction is a complex web of contracts and agreements, compliance, and unexpected complications. Support from a smart construction lawyer can make the difference between a job delivered on time and budget or costly overruns that eat up project profit.

The best construction lawyers understand the balance of complex relationships and tight deadlines that demand an expert touch in managing construction projects. They also know the law and stay across new legislation so you don’t get caught out in compliance issues and costly litigation.


Who we act for in construction and building legal matters 

We support principals, developers, builders, subcontractors, and construction companies to negotiate contracts, manage regulatory red tape, and avoid project hold-ups. Our recent matters include acting for:

  • an industry regulator in insurance recovery matters related to defective building work
  • first-tier commercial and civil contractors in complex adjudication applications
  • subcontractors in charge of recoveries against commercial and government principals
  • residential high-rise developers with respect to large-scale project management matters
  • builders seeking advice on tendering, risk management, and commercial construction contracts.


How we help

  • Support from negotiation to contract and courtroom
  • Tendering, due diligence, and risk management
  • Industrial relations and enterprise bargaining
  • Contract drafting, negotiation, and variations
  • Latent conditions, delay damages, liquidated damages
  • Security of performance, compliance, and workmanship
  • Subcontractor agreements and costs

Complex construction contracts?

Support from expert construction and building lawyers.

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Construction Lawyers

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