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Bankruptcy, Liquidation, Administration and Receivership

Our RCR restructuring and insolvency team can assist you in every step of the personal or corporate insolvency process. Get advice from corporate and personal insolvency experts before you make any decisions on your business future. Seek expert legal advice as soon as you think you need help with insolvency or unpaid debt: acting fast can spark a business turnaround, mitigate personal liability risks for company directors, and help get your debts paid to creditors efficiently and fairly.


The insolvency advice you get could save your business

If your business is under fire from creditors, you could be at risk of liquidation. Our insolvency team has seen and done it all — we know all the ins and outs of the law across businesses forced into liquidation, company directors being held personally liable for unpaid business debt, and creditors chasing what they are owed.


What is Insolvency, what is bankruptcy?

What’s more, dragging your heels on taking action can make the future look even more dismal. Swift action when you get so much as a sniff of insolvent trading can flip the situation on its head and result in business turnaround, mitigating personal liability risks for company directors and paid debts for creditors. So what’s the best advice in the face of insolvency?


Who we act for in Insolvency Matters

We support:

  • Professional insolvency practitioners
  • Financial institutions
  • Secured and unsecured creditors
  • Directors
  • Shareholders and employees


What our Insolvency Lawyers can do for you.

  • Pre-insolvency advice
  • Director advice including Safe Harbour
  • Personal insolvency arrangements and asset protection
  • Receivership, voluntary administration and liquidation
  • Deeds of company arrangement
  • Voidable transaction claims, including insolvent trading and preference claims
  • Creditor’s statutory demands and court liquidations, including prosecuting and defending set aside applications and winding-up applications.
  • Winding-up and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Ipso Facto clause advice
  • Personal Property Securities Act registrations and disputes (PPSA/PPSR)

Know your insolvency options

What you can do before insolvency.

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