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Our team is filled with expert lawyers in a variety of legal areas and works seamlessly to satisfy your legal requirements. Our partners are accomplished professional lawyers, committed to building and investing in the whole Rostron Carlyle Rojas (Sydney) team to ensure that we exceed your expectations and attain the best legal outcomes for you, our valued clients.

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Are you looking for expert construction lawyers in Sydney, NSW? Our Construction Lawyers have the tools and are great on site.  Our lawyers will handle drafting, negotiations, the courtroom, legal matters in order to assist you to get the best outcome. We will resolve your legal challenges through our expertise and flexible approach.

Need to protect yourself in a partnership or shareholder dispute? Looking for a secure agreement to ensure you never have to? Or are you looking to file or protect yourself against a lawsuit? Whether you’re taking action against a business, or a business is taking action against you, we’ll give you the best shot of coming out of a dispute on top.

Whether you’re a business in distress or being forced into liquidation, a company director personally on the hook for unpaid debt or a creditor joining the queue with an unpaid invoice, you need to act fast.  We’re in the insolvency world on a day-to-day basis and have seen and handled it all.


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