Partnerships & Succession

Collaborate, diversify and grow with a rapidly expanding national firm

Partner with RCR

Looking to expand your business and interested in the concept of combined resources, at RCR Lawyers we are always open to practitioners joining our firm with their own practice and/or client base. We have successfully acquired and merged with various small firms over the years and have the experience and knowledge in ensuring the transition is smooth and seamless with the ultimate goal in ensuring that your staff and clients are not affected. We offer the opportunity for an open discussion about any potential partnership you have in mind.

Merge to Retire with RCR

Whether you’re tired of management stresses, moving toward retirement or just want to join a thriving team environment, look no further. RCR Lawyers are committed to supporting your transition, regardless. We offer the opportunity for an open discussion about the next steps of your career beyond independent operation and invite you to consider RCR Lawyers as your future.

How we work for you

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Tired of overheads
and management?

We understand that management and overheads can be stressful for small firms and sole practitioners, which is why we have recently decided to open our doors to you. By joining our firm you can alleviate unnecessary stresses and expenses, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best.

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Interested in the idea
of combined resources?

Time and time again we’ve seen the difficulties that can come from a shortage in manpower or resources when you’re working on an important case. That’s why we’ve formulated a support system that enables sole practitioners and small firms to access the resources they need, when they need them.
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Thinking of retirement but
have no succession plan?

Rostron Carlyle Rojas Lawyers are driven to support the legal community, particularly those who have done the hard yards and are working toward retirement. We’re open to a confidential discussion around your succession plan and to supporting you on your pathway to a life beyond the legal profession.

Connect and discuss pathways and opportunities with RCR Law

We want to make sure you are supported regardless of your situation. Schedule a confidential discussion with Rostron Carlyle Rojas to find out how you can simplify, streamline and reduce stress for the future. This form will be directed to the equity partners of the firm only who will personally respond to your enquiry.

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