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Unpaid debt can mean big things for business cash flow, can weaken the foundations of even the most stable business and tear down longstanding relationships you’ve worked so hard to forge. Regardless of whether an unpaid debt is within or outside of a debtor’s control, it can have devastating outcomes for a creditor if it is not addressed swiftly If you’re a creditor who is owed money or a debtor being chased for payment, the financial stress of unpaid debts can be devastating.

If you want to maintain your business and personal reputation, act fast to solve debt issues with payment plans or settlements. If you’re facing legal notices, action, and the threat of winding up your company, get legal help now.  

RCR’s proven debt recovery approach

Our proven debt recovery and collection service is based on working fast, maintaining business relationships, and negotiating on everything from payment plans to enforcement.

Whether you’re a creditor or a debtor in financial distress, strategic debt recovery support can stem the flow on effect of your debtors creating a cycle of cash flow problems.  

How we help

  • Pre-legal advice
  • Bankruptcy
  • Send and respond to letters of demand
  • Start dispute resolution or legal proceedings
  • Court appearances and written legal submissions
  • Enforcement of judgements made in your favour
  • Fair charges and caveats
  • Outcome-focused settlement negotiations

Get the debt paid

Deal with debt with the RCR team.

Meet our experienced Team

Debt Recovery Lawyers

Paul Rojas

Jos Basson

Mark Fisher

Debt expertise

Proven track record in debt recovery and asset management

Clear fees

Fixed-fees that maximise cost recovery

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We communicate clearly to get the information you need in a way you understand

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