Acquittal for client charged with cocaine importation – Operation Lamister.

Operation Lamister commenced in 2014 by the Australian Federal Police and involved several co-offenders charged with attempting to import almost 100 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a 13-metre yacht.

After extensive surveillance of the yacht’s route throughout Ecuador and the Pacific Islands, the yacht eventually anchored in a Gold Coast marina where the drugs were removed from the vessel.

The two co-offenders met with our client at a café nearby where they were intercepted and arrested by Australian Federal Police. Our client was subsequently charged with one count of ‘Attempting to possess a commercial quantity of border-controlled drugs’.

After a comprehensive review of the Brief of Evidence by Nick Crawford of our office, it was evident that there was no direct evidence to support a link between our client and the principal offenders, or that our client knew of the dangerous drugs located on the yacht.

Our client entered a plea of not guilty and was committed to trial before the Brisbane District Court in September 2018 with Nick Crawford instructing Doug Wilson of Counsel.

After an eight-day trial, the Jury reached their decision after deliberating for two days. The principal offenders were convicted and the Jury returned a not guilty verdict for our client.

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