Assault occasioning bodily harm – Successful trial sees client acquitted

On 24 April, 2018, our client—a twenty-seven (27) year old male—was charged with one (1) count of Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm. The maximum penalty for this charge is seven (7) years imprisonment.

In March, 2018, our client was involved in a fight with an acquaintance, both of whom had recently exchanged heated words over text. An associate of our client had been walking her sister to the train station when she heard the two parties arguing behind her. She witnessed the exchange that followed and confirmed that the fight had in fact been consensual.

Our client contested the allegations that the fight was a one-sided attack and instructed Tyronne Thomas to of our office to list for trial. On 4 and 5 February, 2019, Mr Thomas appeared in the Brisbane District Court instructing Josh Fenton of Counsel on behalf of our client.

At the conclusion of the trial, the Jury returned a not guilty verdict and our client was acquitted of the charge. No conviction was recorded, proving a successful trial for both our client and Mr Thomas.

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