Contravention of Domestic Violence Order – No Evidence to Offer

In December 2018, our client was charged with Contravening a Domestic Violence order before the Southport Magistrates Court.

A Temporary Protection Order existed between our client and his girlfriend requiring our client to be of good behaviour towards her.

Police alleged that after night clubbing together on the Gold Coast, our client and the complainant were walking on a busy street when a verbal argument ensued and our client grabbed the complainant’s hair and dragged her to the ground.

Upon review of the evidence provided by Police, no CCTV footage was provided, no statements were provided by any witnesses and no formal complaint was ever made to Police by the complainant.

Zoe Kansky of our office completed a written submission to Police Prosecutions and Police offered no evidence to the charge in the Southport Magistrates Court shortly after.

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