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Looking to sue or being sued?

In the heat of the moment if you’re involved in a dispute, whether it be the result of accident or injury, family or financial related, people often rush to judgement and decide to sue. Whilst those at risk of your lawsuit have a lot to think about in regard to their defence, those in pursuit should consider carefully their path of travel to ensure they don’t wind up without the outcome they’d hoped for, and out of pocket.

If you’re in the line of fire, facing a seemingly airtight case, having an experienced lawyer on your side can increase your chances of turning the tables in your favour, mitigating your risks and avoiding expensive court proceedings.

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I want to sue

Considered your options and want compensation? Understand the next steps involved in filing a legal proceedings.

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I'm being sued

Done your best to resolve an issue but have wound up at risk of a lawsuit? Understand how to defend yourself.

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