Family Lawyer -A helpful person for your family legal matters

Family lawyers can assist you with almost any legal matter that may arise among the members of your family. A family lawyer can help you make the best financial, business, legal and personal decisions for you and your family.

Responsibilities of a family lawyer

Lawyers who practice family law specialise in legal matters involving personal, family and domestic disputes. They are responsible for helping their client’s family resolve legal problems. Below are a few of the services a family lawyer can provide:

  • Property Settlement – Family lawyers can help their clients to examine their assets including savings accounts, valuable possessions and real estate. The family lawyer is able to assist the couple in dividing up their assets and property in the event of separation or divorce.  Should the client choose to file for a divorce, their family lawyer can assist them in making the process quick and easy.
  • Children disputes – These disputes include issues of child support, of who the child will spend time with (otherwise known as custody conditions), living arrangements and relocation of the child. Family lawyers can help their client come to a resolution that is beneficial for both the children and the parents.
  • Domestic Violence – Domestic violence is conduct that causes a person to fear for their safety that is inflicted upon a member of the family which can cause both emotional and physical harm. Family lawyers can provide legal protection to the victims of domestic violence and assist them in taking the proper legal action.
  • Family law appeal – If the client does not agree with a court’s decision they can file an appeal. A family lawyer can assist clients throughout the appeal process.  An experienced family lawyer will be able to develop a strong case in order to make the appeal successful.
  • Divorce- Family lawyers can assist clients in legally severing their marriage by applying for a divorce.

Rostron Carlyle has a team of experienced family lawyers who are able to assist those with family legal matters. Visit their website or call them on (07) 3009 8444.

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