Fraud of $349,754 reduced to $0

Alan Phillips of our office acted for a client that was charged with defrauding people to the amount of $349,754.00. The investigation commenced in 2005 when our client was reported to the Victorian Police major fraud unit in 2005. A police investigation commenced over the next five years involving the Queensland Police Service and the Corporate Crimes Unit.

The allegations were that in early 2004, the co-accused met the complainant through a real estate agency. During the course of their relationship, the co-accused became privy to the fact that the complainant had a son with schizophrenia and spoke with the complainant about a number of investment opportunities. One of which being a ‘brain mapping machine’ that was in the process of being developed.

The co-accused persuaded the complainant to fund the developing technology as it would be a good investment and it could also aid their son. The complainant relied on these representations and invested $48,000, $217,000 and $84,239.00 for the total pecuniary detriment of $349,754.00. Importantly, our client maintained that she had never met nor spoken to the complainant, and that the co-accused was solely responsible.

A basha inquiry was conducted of the co-accused witness by Mr David Keane of Counsel, instructed by Alan Phillips. The co-accused’s evidence raised a defence of honest claim of right under Section 22 of the Criminal Code 1899 (Qld).

This led to a strong bargaining position for our client, and negotiations were commenced with the Crown, leading to the Crown amending the schedule of facts to remove reference to the $349,754.00. Our client agreed to plead guilty to fraud – detriment of another, without any quantum. Accordingly the severity of the charge was reduced, and the maximum penalty was reduced from 10 years to 3 years. Our client, having been in custody for a significant period of time, pleaded guilty and was released on that day.

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