Successful Outcome for High Heel Assault

On the 1st of May, 2019, Tyrone Thomas of our office entered a plea of guilty on behalf of our client before Magistrate Payne in the Beenleigh Magistrates Court, with respect to one charge of Assaults Occasioning Bodily Harm (AOBH) whilst armed, and in company.

Our client is a 21-year-old female with a promising career in real estate for a respectable agency. Our client has maintained full-time work in the industry, steadily working her way up to her current position of business development manager.

Our client’s personal and professional history both demonstrate that she is a responsible young woman, however, in the early morning hours on the 24th of February, she was involved in an assault.

The assault occurred at approximately 2:00 am in the Fortitude Valley Chinatown Mall. Our client, was having an argument with her now ex-boyfriend (the co-accused), when they were approached and antagonized by the complainant and his associate.

Our client told the two men to go away. As they were walking away, the two men continued to turn back and provoke our client and her partner with words and gestures. Our client’s partner chased the two men and a fight broke out. Our client followed after her partner, removed her heel, and attacked the complainant with it. A bystander pulled our client away as a further scuffle ensued between our client’s associates and the two men.

The complainant was hospitalized and required staples to seal a two-centimeter cut to his head caused by our client’s shoe. Our client was charged with Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm and entered a plea of guilty to the charge.

While entering a plea of guilty on behalf of our client, Mr. Thomas presented our client’s distinguishing features to Magistrate Payne as part of her defense. Namely, the fact that she has no prior criminal history, her otherwise good character and work history, her early plea of guilty, and that fact that she is very remorseful for her actions—made evident through her letter of apology to the complainant and that she is willing to offer up to $500 in restitution to him. Mr. Thomas submitted to exercise discretion to not record a conviction having regard to section 12 of the Penalties and Sentencing Act and the affect it would have on our client’s future employment as a real estate agent.
After hearing Mr. Thomas submissions, our client was fined $500 with no conviction recorded. $250 of the fine was required to be aid to the complainant. Our office considers this a positive outcome for our client, whose future career and contributions to society will not be marked by this matter.

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