Immediate Parole for Exceed Schedule Meth and MDMA

In June 2018 our client was charged with two counts of Possessing a Dangerous Drugs with the aggravating feature of being over 2.0 grams. Our client made admissions to possessing the drugs on his person, namely 2.4 grams pure methylamphetamine on the first occasion and 19.6 grams pure methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) on the second occasion.

Zoe Kansky of our office instructing Nick Brown of Counsel appeared before the Supreme Court of Queensland for sentence in October 2019. Our client had a limited history and made significant efforts toward rehabilitation and had commenced living in a residential rehabilitation facility to address his ongoing drug use whilst his Court matters progressed. Our client was subsequently sentenced to a head of three years imprisonment but was granted immediate parole to allow him to continue rehabilitation in the community.

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