Operation Oscar Freon – Trafficking in Schedule 1 Drug substituted with Supplying Dangerous Drug Charges

In July of 2016 Operation Oscar Freon ensued targeting persons involved in the trafficking of dangerous drugs and firearms. As a result, a Telecommunications Intercept warrant was obtained for a particular person of interest. Our client was in contact with this person and was consequently charged with trafficking in the dangerous drug of methylamphetamine for a 2 month period. The police executed a search warrant on our client’s residence and our client was then also charged with possession of methylamphetamine (exceeding 2.0 grams), 2 charges of Possession of MDMA, possession of 4-Hydroxybutnoic acid lactone and a number of related summary charges. Trafficking in a dangerous drug, the most serious offence, carries a maximum penalty of 25 years imprisonment. The matter was committed to the Brisbane Supreme Court for trial. At the committal, Alan Phillips made an application for bail on behalf of our client. He convinced the court that the risks associated with our client’s release on bail could be ameliorated to an acceptable level with the imposition of bail conditions. Our client was granted bail.

Alan Phillips of our office reviewed the telephone intercept material and concluded that there was insufficient evidence to substantiate a trafficking charge. A submission was made to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to replace the charge of trafficking in dangerous drugs with charges of supplying a dangerous drug. The submission was rejected and the matter was listed for trial. The day before the trial was to commence the Crown accepted that the trafficking should be replaced with 9 counts of supplying a dangerous drug. The matter was before the Brisbane Supreme Court for sentence in May of 2018. Our client was sentenced to a period of imprisonment, but after taking into account his declarable pre-sentence custody and his rehabilitation he was granted an immediate parole release.

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