Police Prosecutions Offer No Evidence to Burglary Charge and Weapons Charges

In November of 2018, our client was charged with a string of serious offences including:
• Burglary and commit indictable offence
• Unlawful possession of weapons Category D/H/R weapon
o Smith and Wesson M66 pistol
o Beretta 92fs silver 9mm pistol
• Unlawful possession of weapons Category A, B or M
o 22 Calibre Mossberg 802 with scope rimfire rifle
o Remington 700 233 with scope centre fire rifle
o Mosin Nagant 9130 with bayonet centre fire rifle
o BSA Centre fire rifle
o John Wayne Winchester Centre fire rifle
o Winchester Model AN1873 centre fire rifle
• Unlawful use of motor vehicle
• Possessing dangerous drugs (methamphetamine)
• Authority required to possess explosives

Following a review of the QP9 material, a submission was sent to Brisbane Police Prosecutions given that the evidence for the burglary and weapon offences was merely circumstantial. As a result of the submission sent by our office, Police Prosecutions offered no evidence to the burglary charge and two charges of unlawfully possessing weapons. Following the successful negotiations, our client’s remaining charges were listed for a plea of guilty.

Our client had a lengthy criminal history of 10 pages and had battled with substance abuse throughout his life. A bed in a residential rehabilitation facility was organised for our client to assist him with his rehabilitation in the future.
Samantha O’Connor of our office appeared before the Brisbane Magistrates Court on behalf of our client for the purpose of a sentence for the remaining charges.

Submissions were made on behalf of our client and our client was sentenced to a head sentence of 12 months imprisonment with immediate parole, the 135 days pre-sentence custody our client had spent in custody prior to his sentence was declared as time served under the sentence imposed. Our client was grateful for the excellent result, which allowed him to return to the community to continue with his rehabilitation at a residential rehabilitation facility.

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