Security Guard Acquitted of Grievous Bodily Harm Charge Following District Court Trial

In September of 2015 our client was working as a security guard at the Mon Jomo Hotel. The complainant in the matter had been asked to leave the venue by our client. As the complainant was leaving he pushed our client and our client reacted by doing the same. The complainant in the matter then again pushed our client. Our client then pushed him back. This push caused the complainant to lose his footing and land onto the tiled area at the front door of the venue. The complainant suffered extensive injuries and police alleged that these injuries were consistent with Grievous Bodily Harm.

Our client was subsequently charged with the offence of Grievous Bodily Harm. This matter was committed to the Brisbane District Court for trial as Nick Crawford, the solicitor with carriage had the view that there were high prospects of acquittal. The trial was before the Brisbane District Court in October of 2017. Our client was found not guilty by the jury for the count of Grievous Bodily Harm and was acquitted.

Grievous Bodily Harm carries a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment. Therefore, this acquittal was the best possible outcome for our client.

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