Supply of Schedule 1 Drugs – Wholly Suspended Term of Imprisonment Imposed

In September 2017, police commenced Operation Papa Accent targeting trafficking in dangerous drugs in the Ipswich region. A telecommunications warrant was executed by police and as a result our client was identified participating in drug related communications with the target of the operation. On 6 occasions our client was alleged to have arranged the target to provide other people with the dangerous drug methylamphetamine. On 2 occasions the target had arranged our client to supply methylamphetamine.

Initially the Crown alleged that our client supplied amounts up to 1 ounce of Methylamphetamine. Following a review of the brief of evidence, instructions were obtained with respect to the telephone intercept conversations subject to the supply charges. A submission to amend the factual basis of the charges was drafted by Samantha O’Connor of our office and sent to the Crown for consideration. As a result of the successful submission the larger quantities referring to half ounces and ounces of methylamphetamine were amended to balls and half balls of methylamphetamine.

Our office appeared at the sentence instructing Chris Wilson of counsel before the Ipswich District Court. Our client was on Parole for supplying dangerous drugs at the time of the offences and had committed further drug related offences since being on bail for the charges before the court. Our client had been returned to custody on a parole return to prison warrant for a period of approximately 4 months. Prior to the sentence our client’s parole had been re-instated for a period of 8 months. Our client was said to have performed well on Parole since his release from custody. As per our advice, our client had engaged with a psychologist and psychiatrist to address his offending behaviour. Ultimately, our client was sentenced to a head sentence of imprisonment wholly suspended allowing him to be released into the community on the date his sentence. Our client was grateful for the excellent result that allowed him to continue his rehabilitation in the community.

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