Weapons Supply And Perjury Charges Discontinued

In 2016, our client was alleged to have supplied multiple weapons including rifles and a handgun. The unlawful supply of weapons carries a maximum of 10 years imprisonment. It can also result in mandatory minimum sentences being imposed.

Our client was provided with a summons to the Crime and Corruption Commission. He refused to answer questions at the hearing and indicated he had no knowledge of weapons supply. He was subsequently charged with perjury which carries a maximum of 14 years imprisonment.

The case against our client was comprised of statements of other witnesses who had been sentenced for their involvement in the offending. Our client maintained his innocence, and our office provided submissions to the DPP.

The DPP had indicted our client with perjury and weapons supply on the same indictment, which is contrary to High Court authority. We listed the matter for an application to sever the indictment. Prior to the application it was conceded that the indictment was incorrect and the initial trial was to proceed with respect to the weapons supply alone.

On the morning of the trial, the DPP indicated it would not proceed against our client with respect to the weapons supply due to a lack of evidence.

Our office subsequently provided a submission to the DPP with respect to the perjury, and that charge was also discontinued by the DPP.

Our client would have been facing significant time in custody were he to be convicted of these offences.

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