Armed Robbery Charges Discontinued Against Client

Tyronne Thomas of our office appeared before the Brisbane Magistrates Court in April 2018 in relation to a client who was charged with Armed Robbery in Company.

It was alleged that our client and another offender entered the property of the complainant armed with knives. After assaulting and seriously injuring the complainant, they stole his vehicle from the premises.

After reviewing the brief of evidence, our office determined that there was not sufficient evidence to substantiate the charges as there was no direct evidence implicating our client and the material provided by Prosecutions was purely circumstantial. The evidence was limited to our client being identified on CCTV footage of a nearby train station just prior the robbery occurring.

The matter was listed for full-hand up with no-case submissions. Prior to appearing in court, Tyronne Thomas was able to negotiate with the Prosecutor to discontinue the charge. Our client was released that day.

Considering the seriousness of the allegations and the fact that the maximum penalty for armed robbery is life imprisonment, this was a great result for our client.

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