Burglary and robbery charges dropped for 15-year-old client

In December 2018 our client and three other young males were charged with burglary, robbery and the unlawful use of a motor vehicle. The offences occurred across two nights whereby members of the group threatened violence and stole the vehicles of two individuals in Wynnum and Runcorn. After being arrested, our client was remanded in custody at the youth detention centre.

Upon reviewing the statements provided by victims and police, Tyronne Thomas of our office sent a submission to Police Prosecutions to have the burglary and robbery offences dropped as there was insufficient evidence to prove that our client was involved in these crimes.

These charges were discontinued by Police Prosecutions and our client entered a plea of guilty to the charges of unlawful use of a motor vehicle, receiving probation with no conviction recorded.

Given our client’s age, the discontinuance of these serious charges was the best outcome for our client to avoid any further time in custody and a conviction being recorded.

If you are interested in Tyronne Thomas of our office acting in your criminal matters, please contact 3009 8481.

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