Charges of Attempted Armed Robbery and Grievous Bodily Harm Discontinued Against Client

On 14 July 2017, our client was charged with attempted armed robbery and grievous bodily harm of another person. It was alleged that our client and a co-accused held the complainant at gunpoint in his own vehicle in an attempt to steal it.

The complainant in the matter was shot with the firearm, which resulted in the additional grievous bodily harm charged.

After taking carriage of the matter, Tyronne Thomas of our office identified that there was no direct evidence against our client to support the charges. The only admissible evidence linking our client to the charges was CCTV footage that was not clear.

After thorough negotiations with Prosecutions, they decided to discontinue the charges against our client.

Our client then pleaded guilty to a minor drug offence and as a result was released from custody immediately.

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