Client Acquitted on Armed Robbery Charges after District Court Trial

In May 2017 our client was arrested and accused of offences which occurred in August 2015 consisting of burglary while armed and armed robbery with the aggravating feature of being in company with a co-accused.

A co-accused named our client as the person armed with the firearm in the offence and the key perpetrator in the robbery.

Facing a potential four to five years imprisonment if found guilty, our client entered a plea of not guilty to both charges and had the matter set down for a jury trial.

During the trial, numerous witnesses gave evidence to describe the armed offender which conflicted with the build and identifying features of our client.

There was no supporting DNA, photographs or identification of any kind to support our client was the armed offender and no evidence to substantiate that our client could be positively identified as the gun man beyond reasonable doubt.

At the conclusion of the second day of trial, the jury returned with a not guilty verdict on both counts in under thirty minutes.

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