Digital Separation: Joint online accounts

 What happens to joint online accounts when your relationship ends?

As we have entered a new online age, couples that separate today are faced with more issues than ever before. In addition to deciding who gets which physical assets from the partnership, there are now online resources which must be separated, from a successful eBay seller account, to a list of contacts on a joint email address. There is also the issue of who receives access to cloud accounts, which can contain personal information and beloved family photos.

These online resources can be of substantial value, for example a large online movie and music collection, or membership to online clubs.

To avoid facing this issue, our recommendation is to keep your online profiles separate wherever possible when you enter into a new partnership, however should the need for an online property settlement occur, the process is much the same as a physical property division. Should your former partner not wish to cooperate in sharing and dividing the information and assets stored on joint online accounts, our team of family law specialists can assist you with this process.

Should you have any questions surrounding this issue, please contact our family law team.

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