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Fear you may be trading insolvent or knowingly insolvent?

Are you a director of a company unable to pay its debts? Concerned you may be trading insolvent? Is your gut telling you you’re in trouble and at risk of personal liability? More often than not, your gut is right. So what’s the best advice for you? Speak to a lawyer. Fast.

For company directors in the initial stages of insolvency, swift action can mean the difference between saving and not saving their business, and often saving and not saving their house. Knowing your options in the face of insolvency can mean big things for your future.

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Want to save your company?

We’re quick acting, personable lawyers armed with innovative solutions that could save your business and provide better outcomes for all parties set to be affected by an imminent insolvency.

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Need to minimise your personal liabilities?

Is it too late? Are you already insolvent? Our lawyers assist directors in need of swift personal protection in the face of their business’s demise. We ensure risks and losses are minimised.

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