Drug Trafficking Dropped at Committal Hearing

In October of 2017, a search warrant was executed on our client’s residence in Dalby. At the time of the search warrant police located numerous items at the dwelling including a large quantity of clipseal bags, sums of cash, ammunition, drug paraphernalia and 24.9 grams of methylamphetamine.

At the conclusion of the search warrant our client was charged with the serious offence of trafficking in methylamphetamine for a 10-month period, two charges of supplying dangerous drugs, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of anything for use in the commission of a crime, possession of property suspected of being proceeds of an offence and possession of utensils or pipes.

Following a review of the brief of evidence disclosed by Police Prosecutions, our office concluded that there was not enough evidence within the brief material to substantiate the trafficking and supply charges. The brief was extensive containing over 10,000 images from a farm camera that was seized from the shed of our client’s property. A submission was sent to Police Prosecutions to discontinue the substantive charges due to a lack of evidence to prove that our client was trafficking in dangerous drugs or supplying dangerous drugs.

Police Prosecutions ultimately rejected our submission as they alleged that our client was depicted on the Farm Camera on multiple occasions and therefore that she was a participant in trafficking in dangerous drugs from the residence.

The matter was then listed for a Committal Hearing with a no case submission for the substantive charges of trafficking in dangerous drugs and the two counts of supplying drugs as Alan Phillips still concluded that there was not enough evidence to prove trafficking or supply charges. Alan Phillips of our office appeared before the Dalby Magistrates Court at the Committal Hearing. At that time, Police Prosecutions discontinued the trafficking in dangerous drugs charge and the two counts of supplying a dangerous drug as they accepted the case was weak. Trafficking in dangerous drugs carries a maximum penalty of 25 years imprisonment and Supply of a Schedule 1 drug such as methylamphetamine carries a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment. This was an excellent outcome for our client.

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