Resolving Internal Business Disputes

Get to the bottom of a partnership or shareholder dispute

Entering a business partnership or shareholder arrangement can be an exciting journey. Collaborative business can bring an overflow of benefits to all parties involved. When conflict arises, relationships go sour and disputes ensue – these events threaten the viability of the partnership.

In the absence of swift and diligent legal support, what started as a minor issue, could eventuate into a highly charged dispute that threatens the business. Ensure you know your options and understand how, and when, you can avoid costly legal proceedings.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Formal litigation proceedings are costly, stressful and often unnecessary. Understand what alternative dispute resolution avenues are available to you.

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Lawsuit Pursuit or Defence

Can’t seem to reach an amicable resolution? When your best efforts to stay out of court have fallen short, make sure you know how to approach and navigate a lawsuit.

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