Alternative Dispute Resolution

Save on expensive litigation proceedings

Sometimes, no matter how well a business is going, disputes can arise. Regardless of the industry, complex business dealings and relationships can cause conflict. When you’re in the throes of an internal business dispute you’ll eventually hit a crossroad where you’ll be required to determine whether a resolution can be reached outside of court. A good litigation lawyer will warn you of the stresses and costs involved in getting involved in Court proceedings and encourage you to explore alternative dispute resolution avenues first, where possible. Knowing the full breadth of options available to you could save you time and money.

Get your business out of limbo and back on track

Partnerships aren’t always smooth sailing, and if problems begin to arise then it could be just a matter of time before matters escalate. Don’t risk letting a conflict that could be simply resolved escalate into a costly legal battle. Let us help you in providing alternative pathways in resolving your dispute.

What you need to know

Not sure which path to take? Here’s a few things you need to know:

If you think lawyers are always looking for a fight and will take a dispute to court at the drop of a hat, you’d be wrong. In the legal world going to court is a last resort as there may be more time and cost-effective ways to get to a resolution.

Going to court is time consuming, costly (with the costs of a lawsuit often meeting or exceeding recoverable amounts), and often tiring (if you succeed or not). Alternative dispute resolution aims to offer an alternate pathway to a resolution without going to court and usually involves the appointment of an objective third party to support the resolution process. It is also generally more cost effective time-efficient.

It is often useful for the parties to agree on attending a without prejudice conference to see whether a resolution can be made before going down the path of issuing proceedings in court. Usually, in a without prejudice conference there is no impartial third party (mediator) involved. It is simply the parties attending with or without their legal representation in an attempt to see whether the parties can negotiate and resolve the issues before any further costs are incurred. At a without prejudice conference, everything that is said and discussed is “without prejudice” and cannot be used against each other at a later stage.

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