Professional Builder Contracts With Paul Rojas

In episode 56 of the Professional Builders Secrets podcast, we’re joined by Paul Rojas, Managing Partner at RCR Lawyers. Throughout this episode, Paul explains the importance of a properly defined building contract and how it can help your building company with the ever-changing costs in the industry.


Inside episode 56 you will discover

  • How to make sure your building contract has a cost escalation clause
  • That it is your right under the contract to suspend works if you’re not getting paid
  • Why sitting down with your lawyer at least once a year is important
  • How the more transparency included in your contract surrounding variations can save you time, money and possible court appearances
  • Why copying and pasting a building contract from the internet is a detriment to your business
  • And much, much more.

Listen to the full episode to uncover exactly what you need to be incorporating into your building contracts to mitigate risk and set your building company up for success.


Paul Rojas – Managing Partner at RCR Lawyers

Quality delivery and client focus are at the forefront for Paul, Managing Partner at RCR Lawyers. Paul also heads up the Commercial Litigation practice for the firm, and is a key driver of the firm’s overall development, growth and innovation. Backed by a wealth of experience, Paul can help you with any contractual disputes, trade practices and refining your building contracts.

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1:41 About Paul Rojas

3:23 How to continually improve your building contracts

8:22 The consequences of leaving your risk management unchecked

9:53 How to ensure you get paid

21:27 Why talking to a lawyer early can save you time and money

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