QBCC Insurance- Problems with a builder in Queensland?

If you have been the victim of defective or incomplete domestic building work then you may be eligible to claim from the QBCC insurance scheme to allow rectification of the defects and completion of the works.

Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) administers a compulsory domestic building insurance scheme- the QBCC Insurance Scheme. When you sign a building contract for the construction or additions to a domestic building, the insurance is paid by the builder.

When is QBCC Insurance Required (or Applicable)?

The insurance scheme applies where there is defective building work or where the contract with the builder has been lawfully terminated or the building company has become insolvent (liquidated or bankrupt).

Once a claim has been made to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, an inspector will assess the defective or incomplete work and issue a notice to the builder to rectify or complete the work within (usually) 14 days. If the original builder refuses or is unable to rectify the work, the QBCC will ask you to obtain quotations from other contractors.

QBCC InsuranceAssuming these are in order, the QBCC will approve and insurance payment for the lowest quotation and then you may choose any contractor to rectify the problems.

Insurance is usually available for minor defects up to 6 months from the date of practical completion and for structural or major defects up to 6 years.

The Early Dispute Resolution also offers mediation services and may be able to assist you with general inquiries with respect to builders prior to commencement of building works.

Prior to entering into a contract with a builder, we recommend that you make inquiries of your builder’s qualifications, seek references from past clients and consult with your solicitor.

If you would like any information on the QBCC or your entitlement to claim under the Insurance scheme, contact us today.

For more information you can contact Queens Building and Construction Commission. Contact Number: 139 333 business hours: 7am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, Overseas callers: +61 7 3447 2160. Or email them, Email

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