Stay Out of Court

Avoid lengthy and costly legal proceedings

When a business dispute extends beyond negotiations, it is critical to have a lawyer on your side. Escalating disputes to litigation carries not only risk, but costs. By instructing a lawyer, a dispute is more likely to be resolved quickly and efficiently without unnecessary costs being incurred. Whether it’s a real estate, banking and finance, professional negligence or consumer dispute, RCR Litigation have the skills to assist you to a fair resolution.

Act quickly and stay out of court

If you find yourself in a position where one party has failed to execute their duties or contract on time, hasn’t performed in accordance with the terms of the agreement, or worse, hasn’t performed at all, then you may need to seek commercial dispute resolution with an experienced lawyer.

Acting quickly and efficiently is imperative to the swift resolution of a business dispute, for either party. By appointing your solicitor early on in the dispute, it is possible to avoid Court proceedings.

What you need to know

Before you speak to an expert, here’s a few important things you need to know about alternative dispute resolution:

Often a resolution to a commercial dispute is right in front of you, but often in the heat of the moment all you can see is red. When you’re in a state of tunnel vision it can be tempting to steam ahead into formal litigation proceedings, however this may not be the best course of action.

Court proceedings are stressful, expensive, time consuming and have the potential to destroy relationships.  When it comes to commercial disputes, going to Court should be your last port of call and alternative dispute resolution should be where you start. There are a host of options available whereby a third party can provide you with an objective perspective that can guide you to find common ground, ultimately leading to a resolution between the parties. Involving a third party in a commercial dispute can bring a swift and cost-effective end to a seemingly unsurmountable battle.

Sometimes a neutral, third party perspective is all you need to identify a pathway from dispute to resolution. 

There are trained professionals available to provide you more than a perspective on your dispute. Find out which one is best to help you navigate through your dispute and come out the other end with a resolution you can live with.

You’ve explored all your options and still can’t come to an amicable arrangement. Before you get gloved up and ready for Court, consider ADR and save yourself stress, time and money.

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