Suspended Sentence for Wilful Damage and Stealing

In December 2016 a Brisbane pizza shop incurred significant loss and damage including smashed walls, shelves and display units as well as irreparable damage to kitchen equipment and refrigeration units.

One month later, our client was arrested and charged with two counts of wilful damage and two counts of stealing property exceeding the value of $5,000.00. These charges carry a significant term of imprisonment and were required to progress through the Brisbane District Court.

The total value of property alleged to be damaged / stolen was $546,000.00. After careful review of the brief of evidence and the costs of the damaged goods, it was evident that Police valued the property at the time of purchase. As the items were used, the valuation alleged by police was significantly disproportionate to the true value of the damaged property.

After providing a submission to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the value of the damaged / stolen property was reduced to $300,000.00 and the matter was listed for sentence in the Brisbane District Court with Tyronne Thomas of our office instructing John Jacob of Counsel.

Our client was sentenced to two years imprisonment wholly suspended for a period of three years. As these charges can carry a term of actual imprisonment, this was an excellent result for our client.

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