Trafficking in Cannabis substituted with 5 Counts of Supply

Operation North Goldensilk was established in 2015 to investigate drug related activities. Telecommunications interception service warrants were utilised throughout the operation. As a result of intercepted communications and surveillance our client was charged with the serious charge of trafficking in the dangerous drug cannabis for a 4-month period.

Trafficking in dangerous drugs at the time of the offence carried a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment.

Following an extensive review of the brief of evidence, our office sent a submission to the Crown to substitute the trafficking charge with five counts of supplying dangerous drugs. The Crown accepted this submission and discontinued the trafficking charge in lieu of the five supply charges.

Counsel instructed by our office appeared with our client before the Brisbane District Court earlier this year for his sentence. The Presiding Judge sentenced our client to 12 months imprisonment for each supply count to be served concurrently. These terms of imprisonment were suspended for a period of eighteen months. This was an excellent result for our client.

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