What does litigate in litigation mean?

The term ‘litigate’ is used when a person or company resorts to legal action to settle a matter. Litigation is a method of resolving disputes, which are usually either civil or criminal.

The main purpose of your litigation lawyer in both civil and criminal matters is to assist you through all stages of your dispute, by mitigating the risks, advocating your interests and resolving your dispute cost efficiently and promptly. 

Civil Litigation

We understand that if you are in business, then you are likely to run into a dispute at some stage.  Disputes can arise in any number of circumstances, including with suppliers, customers, franchisors, other businesses, banks or third parties dealing with the business.

Accordingly, in civil matters, your lawyer represents your interests and fights for the most favourable outcome for you. This includes whether you are:

  1. The plaintiff – meaning that you have brought the claim; or

  2. The defendant – meaning that you are defending the claim.

Your lawyer will assist you in drafting and filing documents in Court (i.e. statements of claim, affidavits, defences, discovery), explaining rules of law, guiding you through the complex legal jargon, protecting your interests, representing you in Court and conducting settlement negotiations on your behalf.

We understand that litigation can be a difficult, uncertain and stressful time in a person’s life. However, by having the correct and appropriate lawyer, it will significantly assist you in making the litigation process as smooth and stress-free as possible, as well as achieving the most favourable outcome for you.

Litigation can be a costly process, however we will always tell you if the costs of litigation outweighs the potential benefits, and suggest alternative dispute resolution methods, for instance, mediation. We understand that having the correct strategy is vital in responding to the challenges which may arise in litigation proceedings.  

Contact our litigation lawyers now to discuss your options in a no-obligation consultation with the experts. We will guide you, step by step and ensure the best possible outcome for your circumstances.  Call our Brisbane lawyers on (07) 3009 8444 or our Sydney lawyers on (02) 9307 8900. Alternatively, contact us to get started.

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