Who are Rostron Carlyle Rojas

Rostron Carlyle Rojas  is one of the leading firms of lawyers in Brisbane. Their lawyers, with a combined experience of over 40 years, can assist almost any clients’ legal concerns.

Rostron Carlyle Rojas growth

Rostron Carlyle Rojas has been growing since 2001 and has provided their advice to Brisbane’s leading corporations, banks and individuals. Their staff of two partners and one assistant have grown over the years to include 30 professionals and more than 60 staff. Rostron Carlyle Rojas’s growth is a good indication of balance within the firm’s investment in systems, people, innovation and unique legal solutions.

Rostron Carlyle Rojas values

Rostron Carlyle Rojas employees and staff are rewarded for their commitment, innovation, accessibility and honesty. These traits allow them to be more approachable, encouraging and supportive to any client. The firm uses a cross practice approach to allow a holistic view when advising their clients of any legal matters.

Any clients will be able to relate to Rostron Carlyle Rojas lawyers due to their remarkable people skills. A good trait of a lawyer is not just their extensive knowledge and experience in the law, but also their ability to be able to relate with their clients’ legal issues. Unlike other lawyers who only focus on the resolution of a client’s issues, Rostron Carlyle Rojas legal team are “relaxed professionals”, who care about their client’s mental wellbeing while facing any legal difficulties.

Rostron Carlyle Rojas specialised practice

Rostron Carlyle Rojas team are able to practice in all of Australia’s jurisdictions. They strive to achieve the highest standards as their lawyers practice their respective fields of specialisation. The clients will receive the best possible advice from Rostron Carlyle Rojas committed team of professionals. Below are some of the specialties of their lawyers:

  • Building and construction law – The practice which relates to any building construction and related fields legal matter.
  • Commercial or business law – The practice which relates to the rights, relations and conduct of businesses and persons who are engaging in merchandising, trade, commerce and sales.
  • Intellectual property – The law which recognizes the exclusive right of the owner’s to a variety of intangible assets including music, literal and artistic works.
  • Family law – The practice which relates to specialist family law services involving personal, family and domestic disputes.

Rostron Carlyle Rojas team of professionals are ready to assist you with any legal matters you are facing. Looking for lawyers in Brisbane? Contact Rostron Carlyle today for more information.

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